WPS Wifi Checker Pro Apk

UpdatedJul 31, 2020
App byRenderSoftware
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WPS Wifi Checker Pro is an app that allows you to check the security of Wi-Fi networks by testing the WPS protocol. The app lets you see if a network is vulnerable to attacks by using the WPS connect function. The WPS protocol is a simple way to establish a connection between a device and a router by exchanging a PIN. This app does not decrypt the PIN code, but it uses known information about router models and manufacturer default PIN codes to determine if a network is vulnerable. It should be noted that not all routers are vulnerable, as some have deactivated the WPS protocol or modified the default PIN. The app also allows you to generate a QR code to share a vulnerable network with a friend. Please use this app only on your own networks or networks for which you have permission from the owner.