Call Block: Filter and Blocker Apk

UpdatedMar 06, 2024
App byAppsbuyout
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Call Block: Filter and Blocker is an Android app that helps users block spam calls and avoid unwanted communication. The app allows users to add specific numbers or unknown numbers to a personal blacklist, preventing calls from these numbers. It uses advanced call filtering algorithms to automatically identify and block spam numbers, protecting users from robocalls, telemarketers, and scammers. The app also features a "Don't Disturb" function that blocks all calls while activated or in specific locations. With a massive database of over one billion numbers, the app's caller ID precisely identifies callers from around the world, providing detailed information about any incoming call. Users can easily manage the blacklist, add or remove numbers, and stay ahead of spam callers with regular updates to the spam number database. Stay in control of your phone and enjoy a hassle-free communication experience by downloading Call Block: Filter and Blocker.