2nd Phone Number: Text & Call Apk

UpdatedFeb 20, 2024
App byDingtone Communications Ltd
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Get a second phone number to keep your personal number private with the 2nd Phone Number App: text now. Telos phone number app is perfect for business, dating, and social media sign-up. With Telos, you can pick a U.S. phone number in any area code, have unlimited calling and texting, and save money on international calls and SMS. Use a second phone number for business, private, or temporary use, and even add a burner number for anonymous calls and texts. Telos also offers private phone numbers for social media sign-up. You can get a real mobile phone number with all the features of a regular phone number, including receiving calls and SMS and using it for banking, utilities, and websites. Telos provides international phone numbers for many countries, and you can also save on international calling and texting. Protect your privacy with a disposable number, and enjoy clear voice quality even with a bad cellular signal. Free yourself from your phone company with the best phone number app, Telos! Learn more at http://www.telosapp.com