Qibla Direction - Quran & Azan Apk

UpdatedApr 08, 2024
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MECCA is a Qibla Finder mobile app that helps Muslims locate the Qibla Compass in just one second, no matter where they are. This app is especially useful for frequent travelers. By detecting the user's exact longitude, latitude, and address, MECCA ensures that Muslims are facing the direction of Mecca when praying. The app functions both online and offline, using the sensor of the Android device to indicate the right direction. Additionally, MECCA provides information on nearby mosques, prayer times, a comprehensive Hijri calendar, and the 99 names of Allah. It is a free app with a sleek design, intuitive interface, and multiple color schemes. Share it with friends and family to ensure everyone performs their religious duties accurately. Download MECCA now and never miss a prayer again.