Yahoo!知恵袋 悩み相談できるQ&Aアプリ Apk

UpdatedApr 22, 2024
App byYahoo! JAPAN (LY Corporation)
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The Yahoo!知恵袋 悩み相談できるQ&Aアプリ allows users to post questions and get answers from the community. Designed to solve all kinds of doubts and troubles, the app lets users ask questions anonymously and receive responses through push notifications. The app covers a wide range of topics, including relationships, gaming, health, dieting, celebrities, homework, parenting, fashion, and travel. Users can take advantage of features like the Total Ranking to find popular Q&A topics, the sparkling wisdom bag for helpful advice, and customization options based on their interests. The app also allows users to register keywords and categories of interest, making it easy to access the latest Q&A anytime.